Person Directed Care

Columbia Health Care Center is a facility that promotes resident directed care. We believe our Residents’ lives should be a continuation of culture and community with the focus on their physical, spiritual and emotional well being. Our residents have choices in how their day is planned. The choices range from what time they get up, what to wear, when and what to eat, what activities to attend, etc. Our facility is made up of five (5) neighborhoods and the residents have a say in how and what things will occur on the neighborhood. We provide a natural environment where plants, dogs, cats, birds and children provide companionship, spontaneity and a sense of purpose for residents.

The interior of our facility offers multiple spacious lounges to encourage relaxation and friendly conversation. Columbia Health Care Center’s main lobby houses a bird aviary, which is a point of interest for people of all ages. There are also wheelchair accessible flower and vegetable gardens, a fishing pier, walkways, picnic areas and other amenities to provide comforting surroundings.


Graphic of Jane and Gene, taken by Columbia County Staff Graphic of Columbia County Care Center Fishing Pier, taken by Columbia County Staff