Guide to Financial Resources

Contact Nancy Elsing, Executive Director of the Columbia County Economic Development Corp. at
 (608) 742-6161, or cell (608) 697-0174 for information on these and many other available financing sources.


  1. 50% or more in some high risk businesses, 25% to 30% in most situations, 20% in the Guaranteed Loan Programs, and a minimum of 10% with a combination of special programs.
  2. Silent Partners, or stock ownership by others
  3. Savings
  4. Personal Loans
  5. Home Equity
  6. Vehicle
  7. Personal Assets
  8. From Family Members
  10. Gifts
    • Family Members
  11. Partner or Joint Ownership
    • With Equity Available
  12. Secured Personal Guarantee of Friend or Relative


  1. Seller Financing
    • Sale Contract
    • Take A Second MortgageBehind the Primary Lender
  2. Financial Institutions
    • Term Loans
    • Lines of Credit
    • SBA Guarantee Loans
    • SBA Low Doc Program
    • SBA 504 - WBD Wisconsin Business Development
    • Rural Development (Old FHA)
    • WHEDA
  3. Columbia County Economic Development Revolving Loan Fund
  4. Columbia County Revolving Loan Fund 
  5. Village of Cambria Revolving Loan Fund
  6. City of Columbus Revolving Loan Fund
  7. Village of Fall River Revolving Loan Fund
  8. City of Portage Revolving Loan Fund
  9. Village of Randolph Revolving Loan Fund
  10. Industrial Revenue Bonds (Large)
  11. Impact 7, Inc. (A Wisconsin Development Corporation)
  12. WWBIC (Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative Corporation)
  13. Wisconsin Department of Commerce (WDC)
  14. Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) Individuals with Disabilities
  15. REM Wisconsin III, Inc. (Supported Employment Program)
For more information contact:
  Nancy Elsing, Executive Director
Columbia County Economic Development Corporation
112 E. Edgewater Street
Portage, WI 53901
Phone: (608) 742-6161
Cell: (608) 697-0174
Fax: (608) 742-3582
Nancy Elsing