Committee Members

Robert Andler, Citizen Member
Jerry Blystone, Citizen Member
Michael Brouette, Medical Rep.

Eugene Brown, Citizen Member
James E. Foley, Highway Committee Mbr
Joe Davis, BOTS
Chris Hardy, Highway Commissioner
Richard Hoege, Law Enforcement
Todd Horn, Sheriff Designee
Kenneth Hutler, Citizen Member
Kathy Johnson, Emergency Management
Scott Klicko, Law Enforcement
Avis Link, Citizen Member
Ryan Mayer, DOT
Chuck Miller, Citizen Member
Charles Poches, Educational Rep.

Dennis Richards, Sheriff
Joseph Ruf, or designee, Legal Rep.
Sgt. Mike Vasquez, State Patrol Rep.
JoAnn Wingers, County Board

Traffic Safety Commission Meeting Minutes

These minutes have been approved by the Traffic/Highway Safety Commission Committee.

The original signed hard copy is filed in the County Clerk's office.

The following are in PDF format.

Highway Safety Commission Meeting Minutes