T.R.I.P. The Ride Improvement Project

The Ride Improvement Project (TRIP) of Columbia County is a transportation council that will focus on transportation and mobility issues in Columbia County. The makeup of the council can include participation from: Health && Human Service staff, transportation providers, employers, community stakeholders, schools, and citizens. Citizen participation is critical and must include elderly, disabled and low income representation. The council size will be 11 members. Funding is available to assist with transportation to council meetings.

The TRIP of Columbia County will meet monthly in order to organize and begin work on the strategies identified in the Coordinated Transportation Meeting of September 30. 2013. At the monthly meetings, bylaws, job descriptions, term limits and policies will need to be discussed and approved so that the council can function properly.

Expectations of each council member will be to attend meetings regularly, review meeting materials in advance, request additional information as needed, participate in trainings, identify unmet needs and barriers to service, advocate on behalf of transportation programs, services, and consumers, and seek out and encourage input from stakeholders outside the committee concerned with transportation issues in Columbia County.