Tax Parcel Map Books

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Map books located in the Land Information Department contain parcel maps of each parcel of real property located in Columbia County regardless of tax exemption status.  These books are unique for each municipality and use a unique parcel number to identify each parcel of real property.  The parcel numbering scheme correlates directly with the parcel number printed on the tax bill the property owner receives annually. These map books are used by all departments and the public to identify tax parcel boundaries, plat boundaries, and road names. Tax parcel map books are developed from the tax parcel GIS database maintained by the Columbia County Land Information Department.

The tax parcel map books are designed to be printed for 18"x18" books, but can be re-printed to other paper sizes as required. A typical town page contains either one section at a scale of 1”=400’ or detail at a scale of 1"=200'. A typical village page contains either areas at a scale of 1”=200’ or detail at a scale of 1”=100’.


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