About Us

The Town of Marcellon and Columbia County have a vibrant history consisting of both Native American and European settlement periods.  Historic Native American sites such as mounds, campsites and villages are located throughout the County including the Town of Marcellon. Likewise, many settlements in the County date back to the mid-1800’s and contain historic homes and buildings from the early European settlement.  In a effort to retain the historic character of the County and the Town and encourage tourism in the area, the integrity of historic structures and cultural should be preserved and enhanced whenever possible.

Members of the Smart Growth Planning Group, Fern and Roger Bessac have put extensive time and effort into preserving the Town of Marcellon’s history.  Because the preservation of historic and cultural resources is an important tool to allow people to experience and learn from the past, a special Appendix has been included in the Town of Marcellon 2030 Comprehensive Plan.

 Historic places, objects, and documents have been referenced in an effort to provide important evidence about historical trends and events, provide insight into how people lived, provide examples of distinctive architectural and engineering designs, and help to tell the story of the history of Columbia County and the Town of Marcellon.