LESA Agricultural Land Evaluation-Countywide

The Land Evaluation (LE) component of the Land Evaluation Site Assessment system rates the soil-based qualities of a site for agricultural use. The factors used to determine the agricultural LE formula and ratings were originally developed by the Natural Resources Conservation Service, with work done by the Land Information Department. Ratings were based on information from Land Evaluation and Site Assessment: A Guidebook for Rating Agricultural Lands, Second Edition, published on line.












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The factors and ratings used for this map are example only and can be adjusted for a specific area. Note: if you are planning a specific area, it may be more helpful to use the final ratings rather than agricultural groups due to randomness of the agricultural group boundaries.

Features: Agricultural Group Ratings, Inset: Agricultural Group Ratings Legend, Inset: Columbia County in Wisconsin Map, Municipality Names, Roads, Road Names, Hydrology, Rural Fire Number Grid, Section-Town-Range.

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