Welcome to the Columbia County Sheriff's Office on-line Community Problems Complaint Form. This on-line form is intended to be used by the public to report criminal activity, unsafe conditions, or other matters that are NOT an emergency but rather an on-going problem. If you are reporting an emergency situation please do not use this on-line form. You need to Dial 911 and your call will be answered by a 911 Emergency Communications Center.

The on-line Community Problems Complaint Form is only monitored during normal business hours Monday through Friday. If your complaint needs immediate attention please call the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office at 608.742.4166. If your complaint is an emergency please Dial 911.

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Providing us with the following information is optional, however, doing so may allow a more complete investigation of your complaint. If you provide this information, you will be notified of the results of the investigation. All submitted complaints will be thoroughly investigated.
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