Check Enforcement

Check Enforcement Program

The Check Enforcement Program has been created to assist merchants in recovering losses from worthless checks that were intentionally written.  The Program is FREE to all merchants within Columbia County.

The Program is a multi-faceted approach that includes:  assistance in recovering money lost to worthless checks, pursuit and prosecution of check offenders who refuse to make restitution, programs to reduce the number of dishonored checks that end up in your business and, finally, education to help check offenders avoid future dishonored checks.

It's free and you will receive 100% of any checks the Program is successful in recovering - plus a victim fee to cover your bank charges.

To take advantage of this new Program, you only need to register.  There is a registration form you can complete by either calling our office at (608) 742-9650 and we will mail you the form or you can register at  Just by registering you will receive a packet of information and materials that can reduce the number of dishonored checks you get and help you recover the dishonored checks that get through.