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The Town of Marcellon, located in north central Columbia County, contains a mostly rural landscape of drumlins, moraines, and stream bottoms. Over the past few years, Marcellon has been experiencing a modest growth due to its rustic landscape and location. Rural residents enjoy the country atmosphere. Nearby Pardeeville Park Lake and easy accessibility to small villages such as Pardeeville, Montello, Cambria, Wyocena, Dalton and city centers such as Portage, Columbia County’s government seat. These amenities make the Town of Marcellon a pleasant location for local visitors, as well as our ‘English’ and Amish populations.

Thirty minutes south of Marcellon is Madison, Wisconsin’s State Capitol and home to the University of Wisconsin main campus.

Three state highways, 22, 33, and 44 pass through the Town of Marcellon. Most of our township’s rural land is undeveloped. In the last two decades the landscape has become punctuated by pockets of residential, light industrial, and agricultural development, especially along the busy State highways located north of the Village of Pardeeville.

Town of Marcellon
Neal James, Chairperson
W4999 County Road E
Pardeeville, WI 53954
Phone: (608) 429-3603