Rental Housing and Landlord/Tenant

The Columbia County Department of Health & Human Services does not have a Housing Authority or a building inspector. If a tenant has a concern with conditions in his/her residence, the first step should be to attempt to address the concern directly with their landlord. Written documentation of any attempts to address the issue with the landlord, as well as documentation of any responses from the landlord and, if applicable, pictures of the concerning issue are always good to have, in the event of a legal dispute.  Both landlords and tenants have legal rights and responsibilities regarding the contract of a rental agreement. Review your lease documents and the resources listed below in this website. The Columbia County Department of Health cannot give legal advice; however, it would be wise for both parties to seek their own independent legal advice in the event of a rental issue or concern.

The local municipality that the rental property is located in may be able to address the concern if a building code or other municipal code has been violated. Municipalities may have building inspectors and housing codes that can address rental issues.

Building Inspectors

 Columbus  (920) 623-5900
 Pardeeville  (608) 429-3121
 Portage  (608) 742-2176
 Wisconsin Dells
 (608) 253-2542

Who Can Help With Questions About Landlord/Tenant Laws And Complaints?

         Public Information Pamphlets, State Bar of Wisconsin,
         P.O. Box 7158
         Madison, WI 53707-7158.