Farmland Preservation Program

  • Graphic of Land Water Conservation Farmland Preservation Priskes

This is a state mandated cross-compliance rule that requires all landowners receiving a tax credit through this program maintain cropland soil erosion rates at "tolerable" levels (as defined by NRCS technical standards). The LWCD is also required to do a conservation compliance check of a percentage of the program participants each year. When changes are made to the land, you will need to contact our office to update your Certificate of Compliance.  You now receive a "certificate number" to use for your taxes each year and any changes done on the land need to be updated on that Certificate before filing your taxes.  If no changes exist year-to-year and you continue your compliance on your land use, the certificate number will remain an active number to use for tax filing.

Nutrient Management Planning

Nutrient Management Planning -

Link to DATCP Nutrient Management Page, Newest Nutrient Management Checklist Form (Updated 6/17) is on this link, halfway through the page.

 EMAIL - To send in your nutrient management checklist or plan updates or for any nutrient management related questions, please send to: