Lake Wisconsin Farmer Watershed Council


Lake Wisconsin Farmer Watershed Council

Our Mission

The Lake Wisconsin Farmer Watershed Council is a community of farmers and partners that share a common goal of reducing soil runoff and improving surface water and groundwater quality in the Lake Wisconsin Area.

The Lake Wisconsin Farmer Watershed Council is a Farmer-led group working together to help farmers adopt improved practices that protect and improve surface and groundwater quality. We work with and encourage farmers in the Lake Wisconsin area to learn and adopt new methods of reducing soil erosion and increasing water infiltration on the land they manage.


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Our Goals

  • Create a Network of Farmers that are Concerned with Soil Health and Water Quality
  • Improve Surface Water and Groundwater Quality.
  • Minimize runoff and Increase Infiltration
  • Educate our Community and Local Farmers
  • Increase the number of farmland acres that incorporate cover crop practices into their cropping rotation that will reduce runoff to surface water and improve infiltration on the landscape.
  • Conduct on-farm educational field day events to showcase conservation practices

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