Aerial Imagery

Aerial Imagery

The LWCD has flown the entire county every year since 1985. Many of the years have been scanned into the computer and have been made available to a variety of agencies, departments, landowners and businesses, determining everything from fence lines to hunting potential to previous uses of property. The uses are endless. If you have an interest in these photos, please stop in and take a look at what is available.

Aerial Imagery Price List

Aerial Flights of Columbia County are done yearly in late March or early April.

Images are available as follows:

$2.50 plus tax Black & White

$5.00 plus tax Color

$1.50 plus tax per image on CD

                            plus $1.00 for CD
Available Years
1940  1987 1995 2003
1955  1988 1996 2004
1962  1989 1998 2005
1978    1990 1999 2006
1985   1991                            2000
1986  1992 2002