Ag Reporter & Snapshot

Ag Reporter & Weekly Email Snapshot

The Columbia County LWCD will be resuming the production of the quarterly Ag Reporter newsletter starting in October 2022, as well as a weekly Snapshot. The Ag Reporter will feature articles and news from Agricultural Outreach Specialist . These articles may include updates from Columbia County LWCD, NRCS, FSA, DATCP, WDNR, UW Extension, and USDA. We will be sending the weekly Snapshot via email only.

The first few editions of the Ag Reporter newsletter will be available through print and digitally; however, it will be converted to digital only in summer of 2023. If you would like to receive the Snapshot and/or Ag Reporter via email, or if you are not able to receive email and would prefer a hardcopy, please call us at: (608) 742-9670 or email us HERE!


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