Columbia County Department of Health & Human Services works closely with the public in several areas to deliver services to county residents. Below are opportunities to become a volunteer. Keep in mind, there are always new opportunities to help that may not be listed here.

Please call (608) 742-9227 to become a volunteer.

Community Opportunities

Older adults interested in volunteering in the community can provide transportation, home delivered meals, help collate and label the “Grapevine” newsletter or help with a variety of tasks at Lunch Bunch groups around the County. New participants are always welcome!

Help is also needed maintaining the cleanliness of Commission on Aging vehicles.  Cars must be cleaned inside and out. 

Also, volunteer guardians are needed within this division to help with the elderly and disabled.

The Division of Health periodically has special projects involving the community and help with these projects is always appreciated.

The Division of Children & Families is looking for adults interested in volunteering to serve on a permanency plan administrative review panel. State Statutes mandate that a permanency plan on a child in foster care be reviewed every six months during the out-of-home placement. The reviews occur in the Health & Human Services Building, on the third Thursday morning of every month. You would be called upon about two to three times per year.


The department accepts hand made knitted and sewn items from area homemakers.