Restitution & Community Service Program

Restitution & Community Service

Restitution is the restoring of property or loss to the victim. Normally restitution is court ordered to be paid in dollars or compensated by the youth doing community service work.

Credit card payments can be made by calling: 608-742-9732.


Once restitution is ordered, the youth make restitution payments directly to the Program. The Coordinator disperses the money to the victim. The Coordinator also monitors the youth to see that payments are made.

Restitution Program Purpose

  • Directing the accountability for one's actions
  • Responsibility to the victim and the community
  • Rehabilitation

Community Service

The Coordinator is responsible for work-site recruitment and placement of the youth. A schedule is set with the work-site and the youth to complete the hours. The Coordinator monitors the youth's performance.

If you are interested in more information or becoming a work site for the youth, please contact Shania Simonson at (608) 742-9730.

"I believe to the depth of my heart that a teenager who has spent a few hours a week helping a younger child learn to read, or spent a few hours at a hospice helping an older person reach the end of their life in dignity, is a changed person."

General Colin L. Powell