OWI Treatment Court

Have you been charged with OWI 3rd or 4th offense with a blood alcohol content of .15 or higher?

Columbia County OWI Treatment Court is here to help you.

The Columbia County OWI Treatment Court program is a treatment-based alternative to jail for individuals with repeat OWI offenses.  This program provides participants with community-based treatment, as well as assistance with housing, employment, education, and other services.  OWI Treatment Court works to address mental health and substance use issues in order to promote public safety and cut down on drunk driving.


  • OWI 3rd or 4th offense
  • Columbia County resident
  • Adult (Age 18 or older)
  • No violent felony or weapons offenses on record
  • Finding of high risk for re-offense/high need for treatment on assessment
  • Meets DSM-5 criteria for a diagnosable substance use disorder

    OWI Brochure

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    OWI Handbook

    OWI Policy and Procedure Manual