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What to expect at renewal time

Wisconsin Makes It Easier for BadgerCare Plus Members to Get and Keep Health Care Benefits

Keeping members informed

During COVID-19, temporary rules were put in place to protect the health and safety of members of BadgerCare Plus and Wisconsin Medicaid programs. Normally, DHS asks members to provide updated information about themselves once a year and renew their participation in Medicaid if they still qualify. Because the federal government currently requires states to not remove people from their Medicaid programs unless they die, move out of state, or request to leave, we have not been asking for this information. DHS is waiting to hear from the federal government on when things will change. When that change happens, DHS will start to “unwind” the temporary rules, reach out to members, and resume the regular renewal process that was in place before COVID-19. 


FoodShare/MA Unwinding


The recent federal end-of-year spending bill included several provisions related to Unwinding, including ending the connection between the Medicaid continuous enrollment requirement and the federal COVID-19 public health emergency. Bookmark this page and return to it for updated news and learn how the unwinding may affect you.

Keep in Mind

  • Members still have coverage. Anyone who has been a member of BadgerCare Plus or Wisconsin Medicaid programs since March of 2020 will continue to have health coverage until their next renewal. Members should not delay medical care. Until the temporary rules end, member access to BadgerCare Plus and Medicaid benefits will continue.
  • DHS will communicate with members when things change. When we know for sure that things are changing, we will be sharing information directly with members through our regular mailed notices. We will also be introducing text messaging and emails as new ways to better and more conveniently reach members with important information about their benefits. Finally, we will be updating this website, using social media, including information on our member benefits portal, ACCESS, and our mobile app, MyACCESS. 
  • Members should make sure DHS has their up-to-date contact information. In order for us to reach members, we need to have the best contact information for them. Members who may have moved since 2020, gotten a new mobile phone, or started using a new email address should log in to or access/ (Spanish), or our mobile app, MyACCESS, and make any changes.

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