Drinking Water/ Well Water

Drinking Water/Well Water

Owners of private wells are responsible for maintaining and protecting their wells. While most private wells in Wisconsin provide safe drinking water, some may contain substances that can affect your health. Many of these substances do not affect the color, smell, or taste of the water. The only way to verify that well water is safe for drinking is to test regularly. Here are the testing recommendations:

  • Test for bacteria at least once a year
  • Test for nitrate at least once a year. at least once a year.
  • Test for arsenic and lead at least once every five years.

FREE Well Water Testing

Free testing is ONLY available for pregnant women and families with infants up to one year of age who participate in Badger care, Foodshare, WIC or who are experiencing financial hardship

  • Tests for bacteria, nitrates, fluoride, and metals

  • Call (608) 742-9227 to schedule an appointment to pick up well water test kit, have one mailed to you, or have a nurse bring one to you and perform the testing.

Homeowner Water Testing Services

Test kits from UW Stevens Point

  • Homeowner test kit (bacteria and nitrate only) bottles can be picked up at the UW Extension office at 112 E. Edgewater Street, Room 212, Portage - (608) 742-9680.
  • Test can be ordered online and mailed to you
  • You collect the water sample and send in the sample and payment for the tests to UW Stevens Point

Wisconsin State Lab of Hygiene

  • You may order sampling kits by calling (800) 442-4618 (in Dane County call 608-224-6202) or at the Customer Service desk in the lobby at 2601 Agriculture Drive in Madison, WI. Shipment of the kits to you is free, but you will have to pay for return shipment to our lab. Do not send payment with your samples. You will be billed after the tests are completed.
  • Visit WSLH for more information and prices

For information on public drinking water testing results, visit WI DNR 

For information on private well water quality, visit UW Stevens Point