Well Water Testing

Well Water Testing

FREE Well Water Testing

  • Free testing is ONLY available for pregnant women and families with infants up to one year of age who participate in Badger care, Foodshare, WIC or who are experiencing financial hardship
  • bacteria, nitrates, fluoride, and metals 
  • Call (608) 742-9227 to schedule an appointment to pick up well water test kit. 
  • WI DNR Drinking Water Resources

General Homeowner Water Testing Services

  1. UW Extension office at 112 E. Edgewater Street, Room 212, Portage - (608) 742-9680
  2. bottles are picked up at this office, you collect the water sample,
    you send in the sample and payment for the tests to UW Stevens Point
     Home Well Water Testing Process and Fees
  3. State Lab of Hygiene - call (800) 442-4618 *** call them directly to obtain a bottle - payment is also made to them
  4. UW-Stevens Point - call (715) 346-3209 or
    University of Stevens Point/UW Extension-Homeowner Testing
  5. -they test for a variety of contaminants in well water
    -call for information on the tests that can be done and the costs
    Home Well Water Testing Process and Fees
  6. Well Inspectors by County



Fluoride Supplements -  If you live in a municipality that does not add fluoride to the water OR if your well water test results indicate low levels of fluoride please contact your physician or dentist for an appropriate prescription for children ages 6 months to 16 years of age 

*Cambria, Fall River, Friesland, Randolph, Wyocena, Harmony Grove and below listed mobile home parks do NOT add fluoride to their water. These municipalities have insufficient fluoride for children's dental health. All other municipal systems in Columbia County are fluoridated. Do NOT take additional fluoride supplements if using fluoridated water.

Capital Hill Park, Poynette; Crystal Lake Resort, Lodi; Fall View Estates, Fall River; Harmony Mobile Manor, Lodi; Inch Heights Trailer Park, Lodi; Oakwood Terrace, Portage; Pine Haven Estates, Rio; Pine Vista Mobile Home Park, Prairie du Sac

Note:  This is not a complete list - test your water if you are not certain if there is fluoride in it.

Water Treatment Units

Choosing the right treatment unit - is the unit approved - does it work?

  • Visit
  • Independent, not for profit organization that certifies manufacturers and water treatment units.  A great site that provides reliable information on efficacy of various water treatment unit models and contaminants each unit removes.

  • WI Department of Safety and Professional Services
  • Glen Schlueter approves the devices
    Phone (608) 267-1401 

    Plumbing Products Registry includes list of water contaminants with links to approved water treatment devices

  • Contact the company directly.
  • Water treatment device companies often have a customer service contact number or email.  When contacting the company, ask them to send you the "State of Wisconsin Approval Letter" - It's free and tells what the state has said in that particular unit or model, in terms of what contaminants the unit removes from the water.