Records Request and Fees

Records Request and Fees

Access to Court Records and Fees

The Register in Probate Office manages "confidential" and "open record" cases. 

To access information online about a case that is an "open record", please use the link below.  Enter the name of the County, if you know it, and the specific case number. You can, however, search the entire State of Wisconsin by just entering the name.

Some old probate records may not be accessible online. Please contact the Register in Probate Office in the County where you are searching or the State Historical Society for more information.

The following files and records are confidential and are closed records.  They may be subject to access under an order of the court:

• Chapter 48 and 938 – Files regarding children and juveniles
• Chapter 51 – Files regarding civil mental, drug & alcohol commitments
• Chapters 54 and 55 – Files regarding guardianship and protective placement