Container Rental

Container Rental Information

  • Graphic of Solid Waste Container
  • Columbia County Recycling
    and Solid Waste Processing Facility
    W7465 Hwy 16
    Pardeeville, WI 53954
    (Serving a Limited Area)

    What types of materials can I use the container for?

    Containers sizes are 15, 20, and 30 yard containers. The initial price is $405.00 for a 15 yard and $495.00 for the 20 and 30 yard containers.

    Containers can be used for construction materials if you are remodeling your existing home, or for new construction waste disposal.
    OR . . .
    spring cleaning

    OR . . .
    moving and disposing of items you don't need any longer

    OR . . .
    cleaning a residence in an estate or selling your property

    OR . . .
    landscaping/yard waste(brush/trees/grass, etc.)

    OR . . .
    tires . . . all are acceptable uses.

    See material/load restrictions on back of brochure

    How do I rent a roll-off container?

    Have a date in mind and call (608) 742-6651 to check on availability.

    Prior to delivery of container a Rental Agreement Application will need to be completed along with the deposit fee.  Payment can be made by cash/check/Visa/MC/Discover.

    Do I need to be on-site for delivery of container?

    We recommend that you be at the site.  If that is not possible, the area should be clearly marked and specific directions written on the application form.

    NOTE: Overhead clearance is required (power lines, tree limbs, etc.) for container drop off.

    What do I get for my initial fee?

    • delivery
    • one (1) pickup of the container
    • up to one (1) week rental
    • 2 or 3 tons of material

    Additional pickup & return $95.00. Days beyond 1st week are $15 per day or $90 per additional week.

    A container will be delivered to a designated drop off location per your directions. Containers are picked up one (1) week from date of delivery unless a request is made by phone for early pickup or to extend lease time.

    What other charges are there?

    We are no longer accepting tires, televisions, or freon appliances in the dumpsters. They need to be brought to our facility. 

    Tonnage Charges

    If you should go over the 2 or 3-ton limit, a fee of $90.00 per ton or $4.50 per hundred pounds will be charged.

    Check for any changes at the time you call on availability.

    Graphic of Solid Waste Container
    Container sizes are:
    15 yd-17'6" L x 8' W x 5' H
    20 yd-21' L x 8' W x 5' H
    30 yd-21' L x 8' W x 6'6" H

    Loads cannot be higher than sides of container.

    Paints/liquids are not allowed in containers.

    What materials are acceptable/not acceptable . . .?

  • If you have appliances or tires that you wish to dispose of, please bring them out to our facility and pay the assigned fees.
  • Mixed loads will be charged demolition tonnage rates.
  • Loads containing carpet, tile, toys, garage/attic junk, furniture, plaster/sheetrock, wood, shingles can be mixed.
  • Asbestos: not accepted.
  • Paint/liquids are not allowed in containers.
  • Containers are not to be used for burning items. Any damage to container is responsibility of individual leasing container

    Thank you for your help in making Columbia County one of Wisconsin's recycling leaders.

    Reuse, Reduce, Recycle