Recycling & Solid Waste




First Saturday of the month notice

The Recycling & Waste Processing Facility will be closed Saturdays until further notice.


Recycling and Waste Processing Facility

  • Graphic of Columbia County Recycling and Solid Waste Processing Facility
  • Graphic of Solid Waste Loadmaster Truck
  • Graphic of Scenic View of Field
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  • Graphic of Solid Waste Scale
  • Graphic of Solid Waste Public Container
    Public Carts need to be 5 feet apart.


The Columbia County Recycling and Waste Processing Facility is a recycling processing facility that markets its material all over the USA and Canada. We provide information and education on Solid Waste issues and maintain a collection area for special wastes: tires, sharps containers, appliances, fluorescent bulbs and demolition materials.


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