• Graphic of Columbia Health Care Center Rehabilitation
  • Graphic of Columbia Health Care Center Rehabilitation
  • Graphic of Columbia Health Care Center Rehabilitation
Columbia County Health Care Center
Enhanced Therapy Services
Therapy Services Phone Number: (608) 429-1077

Recovering from a serious illness or injury can be one of the greatest challenges a person can face. Through our Enhanced Therapy Services powered by Aegis Therapies we help our residents “live life to its fullest".

Aegis therapists utilize the latest therapy treatments and equipment to execute evidence-based therapy plans tailored to the individual. We embrace a “Restore, Compensate, Adapt” model of care, considering not only what can be improved in our resident’s functional abilities (restore), but also what can be changed in the resident’s environment (compensate and adapt).

Helping you get better every day

Our therapy services can help residents increase function and decrease pain, helping them to get back to the things they love most, faster. Therapists with specialized training in the treatment of older adults are experienced and ready to help you gain better control over specific conditions and day-to-day functioning, including:

  • Improved strength, coordination and range of motion
  • Greater mobility, balance and endurance
  • Pain management
  • Reduction of swelling in arms or legs
  • Home safety and use of adaptive equipment
  • Vision management
  • Communication and memory


Celebrate success

We celebrate success daily at Columbia Health Care Center. Andrea, Gary and Betty are a few examples of residents who have come to CHCC for continued medical nursing care and therapy with a goal to return to home. We congratulate them and all of our patients for their hard work on achieving their goals.

Success Stories

You have to enjoy therapy in order for it to help you improve. I enjoy what I’m doing and who I work with, and I’m seeing improvements each week.” – Andrea Gavinski, a resident

Therapy has gotten him a long way towards his goals. Everyone is very nice and it’s a great establishment. Great Equipment to work with.” – Gary Rindfliesch, a resident

I was here almost 6 years ago and I had therapy for a stroke. They were very good to me there. I went home and lived alone. I came back because of foot pain and weakness effecting my ability to do things at home. The group of therapists are very good and make you work for what we need. Everyone is so nice and helpful.” – Betty Purves, a resident