Juvenile Restitution

You may have already received a restitution request from an intake worker at social services.  There are limits as to the amount of restitution which can be ordered in juvenile cases.  If you experienced out-of-pocket expenses due to medical costs, property damage or counseling expenses, you have the right to request restitution.   Restitution is never a guarantee.  If the juvenile (s) is ordered to pay restitution and does not pay the full amount ordered, you can petition the court to have a CIVIL JUDGMENT entered against the juvenile.   You will need the name and address of the juvenile and the juvenile’s parents to file a civil suit.  In civil suits, parents of a juvenile can be held liable up to $5,000.   You can request the name and address of the juvenile and his/her parents from law enforcement. 

In lieu of restitution, and if the victim agrees, the juvenile may perform services for the victim, provided that the court, after taking into consideration the well-being and needs of the victim, considers it beneficial to the well-being and behavior of the juvenile.

What Is Crime Victim Compensation

Injured victims who have medical expenses as a result of a crime, that were not covered by any insurance or public funds, may be eligible to have those losses reimbursed under the State of Wisconsin Crime Victim Compensation Act.   You may get an application form and more information by contacting the Victim/Witness Office.