Your Responsibilities

Your Responsibilities

If you apply for or receive benefits or help anyone else do this, DO NOT:

  • Give false information or hide information to get benefits, or continue to get benefits.

You must report any change in your income, assets or other household circumstances that may affect your eligibility within 10 days to your agency worker. Use the "Change report" form that you get when you apply, call your worker, or report the changes in person.

In general, report changes like:

  • Anyone moves in or out of your household
  • Any household member has a change in the source or a substantial change in the amount of income or assets
  • Your medical, shelter, child care, or support expenses change
  • Someone in the household becomes pregnant, gives birth, gets married or divorced
  • Your address changes
  • Your health insurance benefits change(if on Medicaid or BadgerCare)
  • You receive any unexpected type of income such as winnings, inheritance, or retroactive benefits
  • Any other change that might affect your eligibility

Anyone who applies for and receives food share may participate in a work program unless exempted from this requirement.

Anyone who applies for Medicaid, BadgerCare, Food Share or Child Care must cooperate with Child Support.

A social security number must be furnished or proof of an application made for a number for each member of the household.

For more information, see the detailed Food Share Program Eligibility and Benefits guide on this site:
FoodShare Wisconsin Eligibility