Columbia County Public Health can provide free immunizations to those who are 18 years and younger and meet at least one of the following requirements.

  • Uninsured or Underinsured (underinsured means your child has health insurance but it either doesn’t cover any vaccines, doesn’t cover certain vaccines, or covers vaccines but has a fixed dollar limit and once that limit has been met then your child is eligible).
  •  Medicaid-eligible (including BadgerCare)
  • Native American or Alaska Native.

Columbia County Public Health can also provide free immunizations  for uninsured and underinsured adults 19 years and older for people in certain situations.

 Some Immunizations are available for a cost to any adult: 

  • Seasonal influenza: $40.00 
  • Hepatitis B: $60.00 per dose or $160.00 per series of 3


 Call (608) 742-9227 and press 6 to schedule an appointment