County Board Agendas

County Board Agendas and Proposed Resolutions

County Board Agendas and Proposed Resolutions

NOTE: Resolutions, Reports and Ordinances may or may not be approved by the County Board in the format contained herein. Approved Resolutions, Reports and Ordinances are posted in the minutes of the County Board. For further information, contact the County Clerk at (608) 742-9654 or by email Sue Moll.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2020, 7:00 p.m.
Administration Building, County Board Room (#116 & #115)
112 East Edgewater Street, Portage, Wisconsin

Call to Order and Roll Call
Pledge of Allegiance
Discuss/Review and Possible Action on the Following Subject Matter:
    Journal of June 17, 2020
    Agenda and any Legally Noticed Changes
    County Supervisor Appointments
         1.  Supervisory District 13 - Brad Cook, Term to April, 2022
         2.  Supervisory District 28 - Doug Richmond, Term to April, 2022
Oath of Office for Appointed County Supervisors - Honorable Judge Voigt
Communications/Public Input
    Report of the Planning and Zoning (see below with attachment)
    Financial Status Report - Lois Schepp, Comptroller
    COVID-19 Update - Susan Lorenz, Public Health Administrator












1.  Standing Committees:
         Brad Cook - Agriculture, Extension, Land and Water Conservation Committee; Information Services and Property Committee
         Doug Richmond - Health and Human Services Committee; Planning and Zoning Committee
2.  Aging and Disability Resource Center Governing Board:  
         Reappoint Allan Baumgartner, Marilyn George Burton and Sarah Lochner - Term to April, 2023
         Appoint Danny Beard - Term to April, 2022
3.  Board of Adjustment:  
         Reappoint Pat Beghin and Ralph Hemling - Term to July, 2023
         Appoint Craig Robson - Term to July, 2022
4.  County Library Systems Board:  Appoint Eric Shimpach - Term to January, 2022          
5.  Traffic Safety Commission:  Appoint Trace Frost to replace Joe Davis - Term to May, 2022






Miscellaneous Business






The next meeting of the Columbia County Board of Supervisors is scheduled for Wednesday, September 16, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. in the County Board Room at the Administration Building, 112 East Edgewater Street, Portage.


Persons with disabilities who need assistance to participate in the meeting, should notify the County Clerk's Office (608) 742-9654 prior to the meeting so that accommodations may be arranged.


Committee Meetings Prior to County Board

Meeting Room #113

6:15 pm:    Joint meeting of Information Services and Property Committee;
                   Human Resources Committee; Executive Committee and Finance Committee

                   Discuss/Review and any Possible Action on the Following Subject Matter: 
                        Create Janitor Position for Columbia County Circuit Court
                        COVID-19 Operational Plan Resolution

6:30 pm:     Executive Committee
Discuss/Review and any possible Action on the Following Subject Matter:
                        Standing Committee Appointments:  
                             Brad Cook - Agriculture, Extension, Land and Water Conservation 
                                  Committee; Information Services and Property Committee
                             Doug Richmond - Health and Human Services Committee; 
                                  Planning and Zoning Committee
                        Board of Adjustment:  Appoint Craig Robson, Town of Wyocena - 
                             Term to July, 2022                            

Time(s) indicated for the committee meeting(s) are approximate.

Agenda items may be taken out of order to accommodate schedules of those presenting subject matter.

An incidental quorum of one or more other County committees may occur, however no additional committee business will be conducted other than the legally posted agenda.