Redistricting in Columbia County

Redistricting takes place every ten (10) years following the census, and is the process by which states adjust the boundaries of congressional and legislative districts, counties adjust county supervisory district boundaries and municipalities adjust ward boundaries based on the census data.

Usually redistricting begins in March with counties and municipalities getting plenty of time to create plans with everything being done well in advance of the 4th Tuesday in November when the Type A Notice of Election must be published. However, because of COVID, the federal government release of census population numbers has been significantly delayed.


August 5, 2021 Ad Hoc Redistricting Committee Organizational Meeting
August 16-17, 2021 Census Data Received and Census Boundary Verification completed
August 24, 2021 Ad Hoc Redistricting Committee Meeting to review draft of preliminary district boundaries ~ Draft 1 Map recommended as Tentative Plan
September 15, 2021 Public Hearing on the Tentative Plan, 6:00 pm / County Board meeting to approve Tentative Plan, 7:00 pm
September 16, 2021 Distribute approved Tentative Plan to municipalities
October 18, 2021 Deadline for municipalities to adopt ward plans and submit to County (Note: Municipalities may need to create new ward plans and will need to adopt a resolution establishing ward boundaries in a very short period of time – may require special meetings of boards to adopt resolution and ward lines in late September or early October.)
October 19- November 1, 2021 Ad Hoc Redistricting Committee Meeting to review district boundaries and recommend Proposed Plan
November 2, 2021 Public Hearing on the Proposed Plan, 6:00 pm / followed by a Special County Board meeting to adopt Final Plan

Interactive Redistricting Map (click on map)

Redistricting Map, Link to Interactive Map