County Clerk History

Columbia County Clerk History

In Wisconsin, the County Clerk is elected to serve a four-year term. The Columbia County Clerk also serves as Administrative Coordinator and as the Clerk for the County Board. Resolution #48-86 (passed in July 1986) named the County Clerk as Columbia’s Administrative Coordinator. The duties of the Administrative Coordinator assure communication between the Board, its committees and department heads. The County Clerk’s governing committee is the Executive Committee.

The County Clerk Department is the "information" system for the public.

In addition, a variety of services are required by statute and as a result of County Board action. This department administers the dog license fund providing tags/forms. Wood cutting requests and maintenance checks for veteran’s graves are processed in compliance with statutory requirements. The most visible responsibilities of the office of the County Clerk is the facilitation/coordination for all elections held in Columbia County and the issuance of marriage licenses.

Additional responsibilities of the County Clerk Department include records management, historic preservation and maintenance of county documents, maintenance and updating of the Board of Proceedings, overseeing property and liability insurance coverage and filing claims; preparation and noticing of all committee meeting agendas/minutes; drafting of resolutions and amending ordinances, as well as retention of contracts/agreements.