Vehicle Renewal

License Plate Renewal Sticker Information

- We can only look up your information by using your license plate number.

- The fee can ONLY be paid with CASH or CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS.  We DO NOT accept checks. 

- It is an additional $10.00 processing fee to renew your plates at our office. 

- Be prepared to pay extra if:

  • Your renewal is late.

  • You have personalized plates.

  • You have a special plate type.

  • You use a Debit Card.  The Debit transaction fee is $2.50.

  • You use a Credit Card.  The Credit Card transaction has a fee depending on the total amount charged.

    -  New in 2017, if you reside within the City of Portage or City of Lodi there will be an additional $20 wheel tax added to your annual registration.

    If you choose not to renew your plates at our office, your other options are to:

  • Return the renewal card received in the mail along with your payment to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.  If the card is lost, write the plate number and fee on a slip of paper and send that with a check made payable to Registration Fee Trust to the address:  Renewal Processing, P.O. Box 7911, Madison, WI 53707.  (Please Note:  if your registration is past the due date/expired, you will need to include an additional $10.00 for the late fee).  With the mail in service you should receive your sticker in approximately 2 weeks. 

  • To renew on-line for an additional charge of $1.25, view  This process requires your Registration Renewal Number (which is located on the card you received in the mail). 

  • At an additional charge of $5.00, personally renew at a full service DMV Service Center.  Cash or Check is accepted at all full service locations (no credit cards).