Columbia County Detectives

The Columbia County Sheriff's Office currently has four Detectives, a Detective Sergeant, and a Detective Captain on staff. The primary mission of the Detective Bureau is to investigate criminal activity in and around Columbia County.

The Sheriff's Detective Sergeants are Deputies that have been promoted to the position. The Detectives are called upon to investigate crime scenes, which include all categories of crimes including but not limited to homicides, sexual assaults, battery and abuse, juvenile, and other crimes against persons as well as robbery, burglary, theft, drug violations and other property crimes.  Sheriff's Deputies typically begin the investigation and often complete the investigation without calling a detective. However when the investigation will be time consuming and require additional evidence collection and interview techniques a detective is needed.

To contact a detective call (608) 742-4166 or select one below for a link to email them.


Captain David Clark
Detective Sergeant Chase Brock
Detective Joshua Rider
Detective Emily Leland
Detective Kourtney Fleischhacker
Detective Brian Loewenhagen


  • To report information about the sexual exploitation of children you may use the Cybertipline.           
  • Drug use continues to rise throughout the county.  If you have questions about drug abuse, or concerns about if someone you know is using drugs visit our Drug Program page or call (608) 742-4166.           
  • If you have information about a crime or wish to view current unsolved crimes visit our Crimestoppers page.  Callers to Crime Stoppers may remain anonymous.