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Pay Taxes Electronically for 2nd Installment & Delinquent Taxes

**1st installment tax payments are due to the local treasurer by January 31st. Please contact your local treasurer for 1st installment payment options. The County Treasurer only collects 2nd installment & delinquent taxes. No 1st installment payments are accepted by the County Treasurer.

If you choose to pay your taxes in installments, you must pay each installment on or before 5 working days after the due date or the TOTAL amount of your remaining unpaid taxes will be delinquent and subject to interest & penalty.

Visit the Columbia County Ascent Land Records System to pay taxes online for 2nd installment and delinquent taxes.

Point & Pay, Columbia County’s partner for online property tax payments, charges a convenience fee for processing payments.

  • 2.39% of total fees for credit card payments
  • $1.50 per payment for electronic check payments

This service is safe, reliable, and in accordance with all state and government regulations. During your transaction you will be asked for approvals of the charge and will be provided a confirmation upon finalizing the payment.