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First Dollar Credit

What is the First Dollar Credit?

The First Dollar Credit is a reduction on the property tax bill for Wisconsin property owners. Every parcel containing real property improvements qualifies for the First Dollar Credit. This credit automatically applies to all qualifying properties so property owners do not have to apply for this credit. The property does not have to be the owner's primary residence. If you feel the property qualifies for the credit and it doesn't appear on the tax bill, please contact your local treasurer or clerk.

The First Dollar Credit applies to a "parcel with improvements". Therefore ...

  • A manufactured/mobile home classified as personal property does not qualify for the First Dollar Credit.
  • A manufactured/mobile home that requires a parking fee is not classified as real property and does not qualify for the First Dollar Credit.
  • Personal property improvements does not qualify for the First Dollar Credit.

Where can I find if I'm receiving a First Dollar Credit on my property tax bill?

Questions regarding First Dollar Credit?

You can visit the Wisconsin Department of Revenue website or contact the WI Department of Revenue.