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Tax Bill Information


The local treasurers mail the property tax bills in December. The property tax bills are also published on the Ascent Land Records System website. If you do not receive a tax bill, please check with your local treasurer or the County Treasurer's Office to make sure that your correct mailing address is on file. If you have moved, or are in the process of moving, please notify your local treasurer or the Land Information Department so they can make the necessary changes.

The first installment or full payment is due to your local treasurer on or before January 31st. If the first installment is paid timely, the second installment is due to the Columbia County Treasurer on or before July 31st. As stated on your tax bill, if not paid by due dates, installment option is lost and total tax is delinquent and subject to interest and penalty. If the first installment is not paid by January 31st, the installment option is lost and the remainder of the tax bill is delinquent and will accrue interest and penalty on the first of every month until it is paid in full. If the second installment payment is not paid by July 31st, there will be interest and penalty charged going back to February 1st. Columbia County charges a penalty of 0.5% per month in addition to the 1% per month of interest, per State Statues.

The box illustrated above is similar to one located on your tax bill. If there is a star in the box on your tax bill, you should contact the Columbia County Treasurer's Office for further information. Delinquent statements are sent out by the Treasurer's Office several times during the year.

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