Well Water Testing

FREE Well Water Testing

  • available for ONLY pregnant women and families with infants up to one year of age
  • bacteria, nitrates, fluoride, and metals 
  • Call (608) 742-9227 to schedule an appointment to pick up well water test kit. 

Where Can I Get My Water Tested?

  1. UW Extension office at 120 W. Conant St., Portage - (608) 742-9680 bottles are picked up at this office, you collect the water sample,
    you send in the sample and payment for the tests to UW Stevens Point
  2. State Lab of Hygiene - call (800) 442-4618 *** call them directly to obtain a bottle - payment is also made to them
  3. UW-Stevens Point - call (715) 346-3209 or
    University of Stevens Point/UW Extension-Homeowner Testing -they test for a variety of contaminants in well water
    -call for information on the tests that can be done and the costs
  4. Private well testers - check your phone book


*Cambria, Fall River, Friesland, Randolph, Wyocena & Harmony Grove do NOT add fluoride to their water. The water in these municipalities has insufficient fluoride for children's dental health. All other municipal systems in Columbia County are fluoridated. Do NOT take additional fluoride supplements if using fluoridated water.


Fall View Estates - use fluoridated Fall River water
Riverview - use fluoridated Columbus water

Note:  This is not a complete list - test your water if you are not certain if there is fluoride in it. 

For more information on Fluoride see the Columbia County Health Fluoride Page..

Regulations, Information on Drinking Water, Wells, Groundwater

For information on Drinking Water, Wells and Groundwater Publications:
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

For information on Water Quality Standards:
Regulations and Resources: US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

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