Environmental Health


Environmental Health Services

Human Health Hazard Inspections and Abatements:

  • This agency administers the Columbia County Human Health Hazard Ordinance, Title 14, Chapter 1.

Question or Complaints


Complaint or Question


Who to Call


Insects Patrick Liesch
Accumulation of fire/safety hazards Your local fire department
Accumulation of animal/human wastes, garbage, vermin Within a city or village Call your City or Village Clerk or Public Works Department


Outside a City or Village Township Chairman or the Health Officer, Columbia County Division of Health (608) 742-9265


Environmental Health Resources:


The State Department of Health Services shall close or restrict swimming, diving, and recreational bathing if a human health hazard exists in any area used for those purposes on a body of water and on associated land and shall require the posting of the area.

For problems or complaints with a beach area in Columbia County, call the Wisconsin Bureau of Environmental/Occupational Health 608-266-1120.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Columbia County has partnered with Dane County to allow Columbia County residents to dispose of Hazardous Waste at the Dane County site. In the past our county has held one day "Clean Sweeps" to allow residents to bring in these wastes. The Dane County site is open from June through September. For 2016, we have limited funds for this disposal. For this fiscal year (2016), if you think you have hazardous materials, you must first call the Columbia County Solid Waste/Recycling Department at 608-742-6651 and go to the facility with the items you want to dispose of. They will help determine if your waste must be disposed of in the hazardous waste stream and will let you know if they still have funding. Some examples of hazardous waste are: agricultural chemicals, arsenic, chlordane, DDT, Dinoseb, dioxins, dry cleaning fluid, engine cleaners, fuels, solvent glues, lead and metal based paints, poison, rat bait, stain strippers, wood preservatives, mercury thermometers and manometers, etc.

Solid Waste Disposal

Columbia County Solid Waste
W7465 Hwy 16
(608) 742-6651

Columbia County Solid Waste (608) 742-6651

For rent from:

Columbia County Solid Waste Facility
(608) 742-6651

For a list of private vendors, call Columbia County Solid Waste Facility.


Burn barrel burning:
Only paper, cardboard, and untreated wood may be burned.

Hazardous waste or any questions:
Call Columbia County Recycling/Solid Waste at (608) 742-6651.

Household products:
Call Columbia County Recycling/Solid Waste.