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Kurt Calkins, Director of Land & Water Conservation

Land and Water Resource Management Specialists:
Todd Rietmann - Practice Engineering Emphasis, Senior Specialist 
(Specialties: Animal Waste Management, Cover Crops, NMP, Conservation Practices)

Timothy O'Leary - Practice Engineering Emphasis
(Specialties: Cover Crops & Conservation Practices)

Christopher Arnold - Water Resources/GIS Emphasis
(Specialties: Farmland Preservation Program & Water Resource)

Shaina Klosterman - Conservation Planning Emphasis
(Specialties: NMP, Cover Crops)

Casey Bennett - Agricultural Outreach Specialist

Conservation Office Administrator
Kelly Maginnis

Administrative Assistant
Briana Enger

LWCD Staff
Back Left: Nathan (Intern), Chris Arnold, Casey Bennett, Tim O'Leary Bottom Left: Kelly Maginnis, Todd Rietmann

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