Tree Program

Tree & Shrub Sales Program

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The 2020-2021 has now ended.  Thank you to everyone that participated in the 2020-2021 Tree Program.  We appreciate the interest from everyone.  We were glad that the drive through pickup day went well again this year. 

Look for the NEW 2021-2022 tree order form around the middle of November, 2021.  We will again be rotating some species around and bringing in some NEW species as well as continuing some from the past seasons.  This past season we did sell out of several species WAY sooner than expected so remember that when placing your order for next year's program.  We will be cutting off ordering early this year, April 1, 2022.  At that time, you can call the office and place your order with us or go to our Estore and process through Paypal to insure your order or mail in if you are ordering early.  After January you should call before mailing in your order to ensure we have what you want to order.                     

The Tree & Wildlife Shrub Program provides landowners an avenue to purchase small quantities (25 minimum) of quality trees and shrubs. We continue to sell over 50,000 trees annually.

We purchase the products in bulk and pass the savings on to the landowners, while still making revenue for the LWCD. Revenue from these programs goes to fund our local scholarship and youth programs and some I/E efforts along the way.

Tree Sales Program

The LWCD is offering a County tree sales program that requires a minimum of 25 trees (same species) per order. There are no restrictions on where to plant or how to use these trees. This is helping to provide a service to landowners within the county and throughout the state, who just want a few trees for landscaping, wildlife habitat, Christmas trees, etc. (The LWCD assists the DNR Forester with providing information concerning the DNR tree sales program. The DNR program requires a larger reserve order, some at a minimum of 1000 trees per order.)

Knowing the real value of this program is impossible because of variables. However, a report by Michigan State University states that a fifty-year-old tree will have provided the following:

$ 31,250.00 worth of oxygen
$ 62,000.00 worth of air pollution control
$ 37,500.00 worth of water recycling
$ 31,250.00 worth of soil erosion controls
$162,000.00 total worth per tree