Tree Program

Tree, Shrub & Grass Mix Sales Program

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The NEW 2019-2020 Season Order Forms will be distributed by the middle of November, 2019.  Look for some NEW species in the categories for the upcoming season. 

All Orders placed need to be picked up on our pickup day, April 23, 2020, at the Columbia County Fairgrounds, Portage, WI.  No tree orders will be shipped.  If an emergency comes up where you can not get your trees, please contact us immediately to make arrangements differently.  No orders will be refunded for no-show, no pickup.

The Tree & Wildlife Shrub Program provides landowners an avenue to purchase small quantities (25 minimum) of quality trees and shrubs. We continue to sell over 40,000 trees annually.

We purchase the products in bulk and pass the savings on to the landowners, while still making revenue for the LWCD. Revenue from these programs goes to fund our local scholarship and youth programs and some I/E efforts along the way.

Tree Sales Program

The LWCD is offering a County tree sales program that requires a minimum of 25 trees (same species) per order. There are no restrictions on where to plant or how to use these trees. This is helping to provide a service to landowners within the county and throughout the state, who just want a few trees for landscaping, wildlife habitat, Christmas trees, etc. (The LWCD assists the DNR Forester with providing information concerning the DNR tree sales program. The DNR program requires a larger reserve order, some at a minimum of 1000 trees per order.)

Knowing the real value of this program is impossible because of variables. However, a report by Michigan State University states that a fifty-year-old tree will have provided the following:

$ 31,250.00 worth of oxygen
$ 62,000.00 worth of air pollution control
$ 37,500.00 worth of water recycling
$ 31,250.00 worth of soil erosion controls
$162,000.00 total worth per tree