In addition we would like to take the opportunity to inform you that property owners who have installed alarm systems are required to furnish the Sheriff’s Office with certain information. Failing to provide the information or having three (3) false alarms within a period of twelve (12) months may result in a citation being issued as per County Ordinance

Sec. 16.108 Alarm Informational Packet
Owners of any alarm system intending to request or actually requesting emergency response services from the Department or any county agency at any location where an alarm system is installed shall first file the following information with the Department:
   (a) the name, address and telephone number of the owner;
   (b) identity of key representatives or key holders who may take immediate action upon the request of the Department;
   (c) the location and identification of the alarm;
   (d) the description of any animals located on the property;
   (e) the identity of any alarm monitoring service with whom the alarm system user has a contract with to obtain and maintain the alarm

If there are any changes to the information contained within the information packet, the alarm system user shall promptly notify the Sheriff’s Office.

Alarm Ordinance - Required Information Worksheet

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