Former K-9 Units

Former K9 Units

Unit Years of Service Breed Function
Hahn/Greif 1989-1990 German Shepard
Seely/K9 Ispi 1995-2001 German Shepard Dual Purpose
Loos/K9 Bear 1998-2003 Laborador Single Purpose
Plenty/Xando 2000-2005 German Shepard Dual Purpose
Pulvermacher/Lee 2002-2008 Belgian Malinois Dual Purpose
Kaschinske/Lobo 2005-2010 Belgian Malinois Dual Purpose
Stroik/CSIBI 2012-2014 Belgian Malinois Dual Purpose
Graf/Recon 2014-2017 German Shepard Dual Purpose
Kaschinske/Recon 2017-2019 German Shepard Dual Purpose
Schultz/Jax 2017-2019 German Shepard Mix Dual Purpose
Lingle/Eragon 2022 German Shepard Dual Purpose
Haueter/Mattis 2018-2023 German Shepard Dual Purpose


Lt. Haueter with K-9 Mattis

Graphic of Graf and Recon

Deputy Lingle with K9 Eragon Deputy Graf with K9 Recon

Graphic of Special Teams Loos/K9 Bear and Seely/K9 Ispi   Graphic of Special Teams Pulvermacher/K9 Lee
Deputy Loos/K9 Bear & Sgt. Seely/K9 Ispi               Sgt. Pulvermacher with K9 Lee

Deputy Kaschinske with K-9 Lobo Deputy Hahn with K-9 Greif

Columbia County initially began a K9 unit in 1989 but it only remained until 1990 when then Deputy Mark Hahn along with K9 partner Greif left employment with Columbia County to be a K9 trainer at the Alabama Canine Law Enforcement Officers Training Center. It was not until 1995 the current K9 program began at Columbia County. Deputy Hahn and his German Shepherd partner Greif returned to Wisconsin in 1991 and served the Portage Police Department from 1992 to 1995.