Awards Nomination Form

Awards Nomination

Welcome to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office Awards Nomination Form. This on-line form is intended to be used by the public to nominate a deputy sheriff, Sheriff’s Office staff member, or a citizen for an award for commendable service from saving a life to many other things.

Only nominations submitted on this form will be accepted. A committee consisting of personnel from the sworn and non-sworn divisions including but not limited to; a sworn lieutenant, jail lieutenant, two county citizens, two county board members, a sworn unit member, and a non-sworn unit member will then review the nomination for approval.

Award Descriptions


Any sworn or non-sworn member of the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office is eligible for the awards, except the Citizen Recognition Award and the Outstanding Support Award. A recipient can only obtain one award for each event, except for the Blue Star Award. The recipient should be given the highest award for which she/he is eligible. Others may be awarded as deemed appropriate by the committee.

Nomination Process
A nomination can come from any source, both internally and externally. However, if a supervisor becomes aware of an event or performance that would make an individual eligible for any commendation or award, that supervisor shall forward all information concerning the event to the Awards Committee along with a completed nomination form. The Awards Committee Chairperson will be the central collection point.

Nomination Committee
A committee will review all information, commendations, letters or nominations. The committee will select individuals who qualify for the above-mentioned awards. The committee will meet, as needed, and establish award recipient(s) prior to the presentation. The Sheriff reserves the right of final approval of all awards. The awards presentation will be determined as needed. The Committee will consist of:

  • Chairperson
  • Sworn Lieutenant
  • Union representative(s) from impacted bargaining units
  • Jail Lieutenant
  • County Citizen(s) (2, or number determined by committee)
  • County Board Member(s) (number determined by committee)


Award Descriptions

Sheriff Award Nomination Forms must be downloaded and opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader

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