Alzheimer/Dementia Unit

Columbia Health Care Center has 46 specialized dementia unit beds.

The philosophy of the dementia special care units at Columbia Health Care Center is to meet the individual needs of people living with Alzheimer's or related diseases. We strive to provide a home like environment in which each resident can participate in daily living activities at their highest level of functioning. Residents are encouraged to take part in meaningful and appropriate activities through which they can feel pleasure and experience success.

Activity is seen as the foundation of care on the dementia special care units. Activity is every event, encounter or exchange a person has throughout the day. Dementia care programming is based on the involvement of individuals in leisure pursuits and life's daily work tasks such as hygiene, walking, cooking and cleaning. The activities that make up a resident's daily life experience will reflect the individual's preferred lifestyle and interests.

Columbia Health Care Center has three special care units. Willow Court is comprised of two units where 31 individuals live. These units are semi-secured to meet the safety needs of individuals that may wander. The Birch Boulevard unit is home to 15 individuals with special dementia programming needs.