Payment Method Accepted for Fees:   Checks or Credit Card

NOTICE: Starting January 1, 2018 some of the fees for the Planning & Zoning Department's services have changed and will be in effect at that time. These fees are reflected in the permits and documents below. If you turn in your application prior to January 1, 2018, the fee may be different than indicated on the permit application. Please contact our office for further questions.


Permit Application Forms & Information

Categories   Description/Contents
Building/Zoning Permit Applications & Information
Zoning, Floodplain, Sign, Shoreland, Mobile Service Support Structures 
Public Hearing Applications & Information
CUP, HOP, Plan Amendment, Rezone, Subdivision Variance, Variance
Sanitary Permit Applications & Information
Sanitary, Soil Eval, POWTS Mgmt Plan, Holding Tank Agreement, etc.
Other Permit Applications & Information
Camping, ERN, Land Disturbance, Temporary Occupancy, Temporary Use