Civil Process Service Sheet

Civil Process Service Sheet

REQUIREMENTS:: Two authenticated copies of the filed documents you wish to have served along with any information that will help the deputy serve the individual(s). The Civil Process Information Sheet (see link below) can be downloaded and submitted with your documents.

COST: If you have a waiver of fees from the court, we require that along with your service documents. Payment is required from individuals, businesses, law firms, or other in-state or out-of-state agencies requesting service that do not have court-issued fee waivers. Prepayment may be required in some cases; however, in most cases, we will invoice following our attempts, service, or non-service. Check or money orders should be made payable to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.

The actual cost of service is $40 per attempt up to three attempts. After three attempts, there is no additional charge except for a one-time roundtrip mileage fee based on its distance from the Sheriff’s Office.

SERVICE: Deputies attempt to serve papers Monday – Sunday at any time of the day, but mostly between 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Some exceptions can be made. Please keep this in mind when providing us information regarding the individual being served. The most accurate information you provide for our deputies, the quicker an individual can more likely be served. In some cases, if you submit your papers after 12 Noon, your papers may go out the next business day.

FOLLOW UP: Once an individual has been served you will receive a Certificate of Service in the mail. This document will indicate the date, time, and location the individual was served. If the individual cannot be located or the statutory time limit for service has expired, you will receive a Certificate of Non-Service.

Please take the certificate you receive to court. The judge will ask for your proof of service.

Civil Process Information Sheet

Service Time Requirements

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